December 18, 2015

Out with octopress, in with Hakyll

As you can see, the layout of this blog has changed. I was updating this blog so little, every time I did Ruby had broken everything (or so it felt like). I don’t like the idea of having to learn Ruby or gem to blog, so I’ve decided to switch to something else.

It’s now powered by Hakyll, which seems to be a lot faster at rebuilding everything too. I’ve made sure the paths to most pages are unchanged. For the theme threw bootstrap at it until I liked enough (that’s all the webdesign skills I have).

For those of you using the RSS feed: I know the ids of the posts have changed, so sorry if that has caused a mess for you. I don’t see a clean way to change that.

The hardest part was the “Recent posts” column on the right here. On most pages it is easy to add, but on individual article pages it creates a cyclic dependency in Hakyll that I had to work around.

TLS is now also enabled on the bare domain ( again, now using letsencrypt.